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Our races will require a minimum assortment of gear. This list is made of items that most persons will have or be able to easily obtain.  We will provide all other equipment needed, including the boats.


Required gear for each individual is:


Day races:

1 Good Pair of Running Shoes

1 Mountain bike and bike helmet (No Cyclocross or Hybrid bikes)

1 Bike repair tool*

1 Hydration system or bottles for water


Night races:

For the final evening race (August 13th) racers will only need a headlamp, glow stick, and day race items above.


All of the above

1 Headlamp for running and paddling

1 Headlight (may be helmet or bike mounted)

1 Red tail light for bike

1 Glow stick, flashing light, or strobe light per racer (needs to be waterproof)


*Individuals may carry any other items they wish. Spare bike tubes and pumps or quick inflate canisters are recommended, but not required.  





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