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Each race will consist of the following sport disciplines:  


Running – Participants will run a marked course from 2 to 4 miles. The course may consist of paved trails/streets and dirt trails.


Mountain Biking – The mountain bike section will be approximately 5 to 10 miles and can consist of paved areas, gravel roads, and single track (thin dirt trails) sections.


Paddling – Paddling will be done with a canoe and regular paddle, or an inflatable boat and kayak style paddle (boat will depend on race organizers. All racers will use the same type of boat and paddles). All racers will wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD) at all times while on the water and during night races will have a working glow stick affixed to the PFD. Boats, Paddles, and PFD's will be provided by race management.


Varied Problem Solving Skills – Each participant will have to complete a special skill as a team (these will be determined by the race staff prior to the event.) or be awarded a time penalty. These skills will consist of physical and problem solving skills and are designed to challenge you as a team.  


The course is designed closely to a normal adventure race to give the participants a feel of what adventure racing is all about. Our course will have all disciplines normally found in regular adventure races, with the exception of navigation and a rappelling or climbing section. 

Participants will have to carry a passport and punch the appropriate checkpoints throughout the course.

Also found on our course will be some special skills, physical and problem solving, that each team will have to perform before continuing. These special skills may be anything from climbing a wall to solving puzzles, so be prepared for anything.


Approximate distances are:

Running/ Hiking 2 to 4 miles

Biking 5 to 10 miles

Canoeing 1 to 3 miles


Our course promises to  introduce adventure racing to a whole new group of people. With our day and night races, everyone can be challenged from the veteran racer to the beginner. 





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