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Sprint Race Divisions:

The Sprint Series teams will be made up of two racers or solo and will be divided into the following divisions:

    Advanced Sprint: (Navigation required)

    Men’s Advanced Sprint

    Women’s Advanced Sprint

    Co-ed Advanced Sprint



    Men’s Sprint

    Women’s Sprint

    Co-ed Sprint 


    Solo Division:

    All solos will be in one of two categories for the sprint races. 

    Solo Sprint

    Solo Advanced Sprint (Navigation required)


Rogaine Divisions:

Rogaine participants may participate solo or as part of a team. Teams of more than two people are allowed, but awards are only two awards are presented per team.

      Team Rogaine


      Solo Rogaine


Medals for all of the above will be awarded to teams that place 1st through 3rd in each category.


*Teams may only enter in one category per paid entry.





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